Saturday, November 23, 2013

C sharp for beginners

I found a C# mini course on Microsoft Faculty Conections Alfred Thompson, but the download link was provided too slow; the fast link is provided to registered faculty only.

This .zip file contains all basic topics for beginners with no knowledge of C#, as well as video lectures and a reference book.

So, here's the fast download link for the same:

Note:- This material is the property of Alfred Thompson. I do not claim any right upon this material, but can be useful for those who want to start off with C# with good examples.

You can also refer to the C# yellow book by Robert Miles as well as C# The Basics by Vijay Mukhi

The CRC checksum is as given below for file verification after download:
Filename          :
MD5                : 6806faa103656a024f4f411f20971051
SHA1              : 57ef7fee54068a65027fce44022d17d40ea17141
CRC32            : 19320111
SHA-256         : 0a56c55a4fea51b71337c8ce0f9b85d3fc1d68c336f28b3785d646ec2d9fba63
SHA-512         : 3c3291deb2b14f5b3387caee1098b9ebc410d5daf6de7f28103d6241532e42f4f99dd48918cba918cc436aaa55a998b3b328bd7a3cf4ecbde8ace1505c35a81f
SHA-384         : d0140ec7c573868440cb0ba124994c244b51584ec6e99624ac3f27be3cefd39d4f5dd82cd9a3d66a239b83a4ac9556f5